The construction company is facing turnover on a massive scale and it’s mostly occurring on mega construction projects. Due to their size and complexity, mega construction projects can be a breeding ground for low employee engagement and turnover by the boatload.

A low level of engagement and retention of employees leads to a variety of consequential costs and construction issues that ripple out into all aspects of projects. The good news is, with the right steps, it can be not only prevented but offset in the other direction. Here’s why employee turnover is happening and what to do about it.

Why It’s Happening

Every company has high performers on their teams that pump out amazing work consistently. Unfortunately, in many organizations top performing talent are undervalued and remain unrecognized for their hard work. This creates a viscous employee turnover cycle for organizations who, quite frankly have trouble figuring out the root cause.

The majority of the time, employees of the highest caliber end up leaving for other companies that may give them the recognition, opportunities and appreciation they’re looking for. With a few minor tweaks in approach, the retention & engagement of high performing employees can be increased tenfold for any organization. …

Zain Zahid

Employee Retention Strategist

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